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A massage near you? If you live in Hartford or Middlesex County try out Cromwell Massage & Wellness we offer a variety of different modalities and have Massage Therapists who specialize in everything from sports massage to Swedish and deep tissue massage. Did I mention we also provide cupping and acupressure? Did you know? The … Continue reading Looking for..


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of our 75 Gallon community tank at Cromwell Massage & Wellness What's your favorite fish? If you're in Cromwell, Middletown, Glastonbury, or the surrounding areas and looking for a massage Book Online or call (860) 635-7335 and stop by, you deserve it! cromwellmassage.com (860) 635-733517 Shunpike Road Cromwell, Connecticut


Sky, Lavender, Bonsai.. Schedule your appointment.. at Cromwell Massage & Wellness and Book Online to get a highly trained massage therapist who will listen to your needs in the comfort of one of our three treatment rooms. Did you know? More than a treatment for injuries, sports massage produces overwhelming benefits for athletes physically, physiologically, … Continue reading 💙💜💚

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A look out of our 75 gallon tank at Cromwell Massage & Wellness Treat yourself.. Book Online or call (860) 635-7335 and get a massage here in Cromwell and check the tank out for yourself Did you know? Research indicates that massage can reduce pain and pain intensity in patients with metastatic bone pain on … Continue reading Under the Sea..